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Our goal is to provide the best in quality, innovation, performance and safety. An attribute our competitors simply can’t touch. We listen to our customers and continually strive to create the products and improvements they desire. Hence the patented Aqua Jump Eclipse™ water trampoline. The only water trampoline on the market that does not require a steel bar frame around the perimeter of the tube that does not suffer in performance or quality. Upgrade your waterfront property today with an Aqua Jump Eclipse water trampoline, you won’t find any other water trampoline in the market that will last as long, provide as much fun and surpass your expectations in performance and safety.

Northwood’s Color is Green & Tan


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The Aqua Jump Eclipse is the most unique water trampoline on the market. The patented design has removed the heavy steel frame from the perimeter which provides 30% more jump surface, 50% faster set-up and a 30% reduction in weight.

You’ll have MORE time this summer to spend with your family without having the hassle of setting up traditional water trampolines.
If you’re wondering if the removal of the frame hurts jump performance as other companies claim, the answer is no! Water trampolines are made with the best quality materials and engineering capabilities on the market. We do not “cheapen” our products in any way. Our goal is to make the best product that will last you the longest and keep you happy.

It is important to remember that water trampolines are not like land trampolines where you are going to get huge jumps in the air. When you jump on a water trampoline, the water absorbs some of the jump. For maximum performance, ensure that the tube is properly inflated. The tube should feel as firm as a basketball at the touch. The Eclipse 120 model includes a High Speed Inflator/Deflator, an Anchor Connection Kit, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

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12', 15', 20', 12' w/Log & Launch, 15' w/Log & Launch, 20' w/Log & Launch, 12' Northwood's Color, 15' Nothwood's Color, 20' Northwood's Color, 15' Northwood's Color w/Log & Launch, 20' Northwood's Color w/Log & Launch


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